1. Thanks for a great vedio! can you please make a vedio on forex trading for indian citizens, and how to trade in pairs like Euro/USD, USD/GBP etc.(legal issues, nationality issues, loopholes, brokerages)

  2. Its very easy to read about history in books and tell this n that, but no one can predict the future.. Same theory applies here too, Even a child can say buy here, sell there looking at any offline charts, But none of them make videos in live market, coz even they knew it wont work in real life.. If indicators were so much accurate and could be predictable then everyone would have become rich by now and no one would have come to watch such stupid videos related to stock market on youtube. Indicators are just to indicate the moves, not to predict the market. So stop making these kind of unrealistic videos to earn few perks and fool the viewers..

  3. Bhai en ke chakro main mat paroo paise kamane hai main kise ke sath mil kar trading kar rha ho or achi trading ho rahi hai paise arahe hai ja nahi rahe roz 20 se 50 usd ban jata hai or itna he target hai es se ziada banana nahi hai agar ap log bhi itne daily kamana chahty ho to agar ap ka guzara ho jata hai en main to mujhe msg karo haroo gay nahi yakeen manoo

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