1. Great job and I like yours videos. I spend quite long time searching for Video 5 to learn about time frames, currency pairs and the most important issue; Money Management. But yet to get it. Please advice where to find it.

  2. Sire, I am new in the world of trading. This strategy looks quite interesting. The question is: Once I start with the trade and set my 50 pips stoploss, Do I have to be watching on the screen all the time hour after hour to see when the trend to change and then stop the transaction?Or what can I do? because I will get stressout if I do so.

  3. Hey thanks for this video! I think it is a good strategy on a daily chart…
    But I'm wondering about the SL. I would rather use an average of the last three or four candles. I think there is an indicator that gives such an average… could you tell me what it is?

  4. this is a very nice trading strategy sir… and it works on all time frames…. i just wanna ask u that what should be the stoploss if i am trading on 5 n 15 min time frame ???… thanx God bless u sir…

  5. There's actually no standard strategy to achieve the highest potiental in this industry as it goes from person to person or from different experiences. But thanks for sharing your ideas anyways. It helped a lot. Keep it coming and god speed. Thank you.

  6. When I enter a trade, based on the described here setup, say I go long, with the EMA(5) crossed EMA(12) from below and the SAR dot is below the price, and the next hour or sometimes within the same hour, the dot reverses and goes above the price, shall I stay in the trade or get out? Thanks

  7. Interesting and straightforward setup. Since you trade this strategy, can you share the Win:Loss Trade ratio as well as Profit:Loss Dollar ratio? That would be great, thanks!

  8. Thank you for a great tutorial! This contained all of the missing knowledge that I needed to fully understand this system/indicator and how to use it. You have done an excellent job. Cheers.

  9. Excellent information…better than the usual garbage on here by some idiot in India, Well done and i have now added the SAR to my arsenal..Thank you for contributing to peoples knowledge and wealth in this hard thing we call trading.

  10. I tested this method on my demo account and it worked for me on H1 7 out of 11 times. Setting take profit and stop loss in 3:2 ratio. Overal it was good profit. Thanks a lot. I will try it with real money soon.

  11. Hello Ed. I can't understand how you enter the trade. On minute 10.43 you enter at 1.3749, but at that number it seems the candle is not close yet. Do you go to 30min or 15 min chart to see it?

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