1. Entry at the 13:34 time on video should have been an entry at the bottom of the long red candle and not the open of the red candle, as the CCI was not below -100 until the close of that candle. At the open of the candle, the CCI was still above the -100 level. Minor oversight, but worth mentioning. You've gotta watch the "slide of hand"! LOL

  2. This has a lot of potential and a quick back testing shows this is reasonably effective. However I think there needs to be caveats to this. You should trade with the trend so crossing the EMA can potentially be going against the trend. Take a look at the retracement which has occurred to get to the EMA (basically consider the price action). Has the bars come down from quite far? If yes this is a good sign, if not this may be only a temporary retracement. (I have looked at adding shorter Emas to help with trend but not come to a satisfactory answer to date.)

    Also how does the bar cross the line. Take a look at the price action. Is the bar strongly bullish/bearish. Does it engulf the previous bar or is it just limping over the line? I have noticed in brief backtesting that a engulfing candle crossing the line is very positive.

    I think the 200 pips can be dangerous if you find yourself in a ranging market. I might suggest an ATR approach as it is hard to tell you are in arranging market with this strategy until you are committed.

    I wonder if HA candles may prove better on this?

  3. great videos,couple of questions is this only for a downtrend if price is below EMA60?so u short ALWAYS right? so does it hold  true  for an uptrend long call if price is above EMA60? and secondly why buy 2 lots,wont it be better just doing one trade?less commission costs right?and thirdly the second trade do u take that when you enter first?or do it after you  realise you've earnt profit and take 200 pips Then place another trade with the same parameters? and is it normally weeks for the realisation of pips to be made,im guessing its not couple of days right?many thanks if anyone can clear this up.cheers

  4. Thank you ED For yet another great informative Video , I use IB for Broker and have set up the charts using you system . FWIW With the default setting from your Vid I was able to set on the IB . This vid has been invaulable. Became a member of yours yesterday. So Looking forward to leaning from a master trader and steadily growing my acc,

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