1. This lady looks lovely and Its nice to network ideas but! no one, not even Warren Buffet can tell a day trader what is going to happen so day trading is guessing in a chosen style.
    I do not see any value in paying anyone for training because there is no deliberate quantifiable benefit.
    Kind regards and its nice to see a pretty woman instead of all the fellers.

  2. As a full time forex & index trader I really appreciate your fresh clean take on teaching the masses, much better than 99% of the scammers out there – best is people always fall for "million dollar method" or "expert coming clean" – well done, this was my 1st video & will not be the last – all the best! mwah!!

  3. Hi Janna, thank you for your videos! I am looking for a good broker. What I red about Tallinex is a negative feedback only, unfortunatelly. Not sure to whom I should trust..Can you enlighten us please

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