1. HI Akil, thanks for the video. I have been going through the "learn to trade the markets" playlists and its brilliant. speaking about backtesting, I concur that manual backtesting gives a lot of insight and a better understanding of the price structure. I always run 3/6 months of manual backtesting while I'm working on a new strategy. its good to know that someone out there shares the same view.

  2. i love it when they asked you about the gbpusd …you were like huh huh what what what am i you you trading the wrong way… hehehehe yeah i get you people always wanna take the easy way

  3. Hey Akil. Watched your vid again. Loved this one. I have been watching this pair myself and I really like your input. Well done. positive, and great wisdom in your studies..All the best..

  4. Are you saying that a BOS and retest is a proven profitable system ? I backtest that, and it is, but now I'm testing it in real time with a demo account. 1 month in and I'm 1% in drawdown, I know I have to continue this strategy to see if it really works !

  5. Yes, I used to be gun shy but my notebook of past failures and missed trades increased my confidence. This was among your best videos. You dropped so many jewels. Your comment about multiple timeframe analysis should be written on a wall. As an EW theory swing trader, we are introduced to fractals and multiple timeframes pretty early. Your videos on price action and structure calm me when day trading during periods of wave count confusion. I'm primarily a swing trader working to improve as a day trader. Looking at larger timeframes, including monthly and quarterly charts (barcharts.com), helps to distinguish corrective moves that affect the wave count from moves that do not. On the very large timeframes cited, the few red candlestick clusters leap from the chart Great Job!

  6. Thanks Akil man I admire what you do when it comes to this trading life. You have been my motivation since I started watching you about a year ago. Somehow you keep traders in good spirits from the podcast and definitely when you drop the 🔥🔥🔥videos like this one. We love you bro keep the grind going.

  7. Thanks for sharing Akil. I really enjoyed this analysis and the part towards the end where you talk about confidence has just brought all my confidence back. If you don't have faith or confidence in your strategy, the chances of making in this industry are not good. Once again, thanks for sharing.

  8. Akil., I was studying the Fib inversion again. Was thinking if the ‘complex pull back’ retraces so deep such that it violates the OR, and forms a head and shoulders.
    Mentally this would be hard to trade the Fib inversion strategy, due to the head and shoulders
    Some back testing needed

  9. Akil traders have a problem with trend, so do you really.. zoom out, zoom out and spot the channel of EUR/USD. Then you can determine the correct lowest level. All your areas marked should change to parallel with the channel lines.

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