1. hi i would like to ask you, you mention in this video 10 pip profit target on a 5 minute timeframe chart, if i decide to use 4 hour timeframe for this simple strategy, is the pip value on 4 hour timeframe the same as the pip value on 5 minute timeframe, is it the same 10 pips profit target i should set up on 4 hour timeframe

  2. Dear Dare, is it important to look a trand is it uptrend or downtrend….or that for this strategy is not that important…I mean if it is downtrend and I see buy signal should I go for that trade and opposite if it is uptrend but signal is for sell should I go for that, thank you.

  3. Dear sir, is this strategy still works for you, I love your videos, you explain everything so clear and simple, thank you so much.
    Coul you please send me a template for this strategy. Thank you so much.

  4. Hi Mr Dare, I'll like to commend you for all this impactful knowledge sharing here for the public to benefit from. God will reward you for this kindness.
    Please can you send me this strategy template to me cos I'm a day trader. My email is victoryomi@outlook.com.
    God bless you sir.

  5. Hello Dare. Thanks for your educational videos. They are very practical. I would be glad if you mail me the template. My email is: hossein.abarghooei@gmail.com
    How should we use ATR indicator to determine Take profit value in timeframes other than 5min?

  6. Received, Thank you .But I cannot install in My Chart.
    I Install in MQL4-> indicator but TPL file seems like doesn't appeal in chart
    only EX4 file apply to my chart.
    What should I do???
    please send to me instruction what to do, I do appropriate your reply.
    Thank you.

  7. I always watch your video , and you always teach us good one and make understand for everyone,
    I love to watch and learn from you, Thank you and appreciate your lesson .
    will you please send to me this strategy

  8. hi sir, is this strategy still valid, also doesnt the trend of the day or higher timeframes affect if you should be buying or selling only. E.g if eurusd was selling in h1 and h4, it should be safer to only sell in m5 right?

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