1. Hello Mr. Adam, thanks so much for this video. I hope I can ask something, say for that instance you missed the price about 2-3 M15 candles ago, how long can we wait for it to go back there again? Coz at some point it might have gone down half way to your TP, then it went sideways or say candles going down but slowly? How many candles before you say ok it's already invalid and I'm no longer going to wait for the price to go back there. I will just look for another opportunity and setup.
    Thanks so much. 🙂

  2. I love your videos but I really don't see the relevance of the Fibonacci. Anyone can bend it to make it fit. It's obviously going to fit somewhere somehow. Also why not use a script for placing your trade. I drop the order, stop and take profit and it calculates 1% of my account (2 positions) automatically. Simple and very fast!

  3. Hi, New to trading, and learning all I can. Thanks for the videos. I must be missing something obvious………… I still don't understand though , ( which is why I came to this video), how you can make any money buying at a higher price and selling at a lower one ??. I can do it on the up-trend buyng low selling high no problem, but how do you guys make money going down the hill ?? If you missed your selling point wouldn't it have been better to just wait till the next cycle up and jump off then ?

  4. Hi , i love your vids , very clear and concise , @9.35 , would you not treat the fib level like s&r , and call it a zone , as its almost touching but not quite , thanks

  5. I love how much you are so real; I mean all we see from the "gurus" is only their winning trades; thank you for this. Your account history made me understand that loosing is real as much as winning is.

  6. adam great tutorials iv'e learned so much from you… thank you for sharing your knowledge and tips. Just to better my learning, and extend my knowledge can you please share the best site to use that gives the best info and graphs. (what site do you use)?

  7. Signed up basic forex trading class for $500 since December2017. Watched all the video and lecture. Realised that the opportunities to apply that two strategies on real world is limited and the probability of winning trade is low . From what I see those trade that are shown in youtube or the forex trading class was pre-selected trade so that whatever strategies taught in the forex trading class or in the youtube are "making sense" (it is not really ineded) Wondering should I pay 1k more to increase the winning probabilities. Anyone able to generate stable income after registed basic forex trading class? please share

  8. Best Adam Khoo,
    I have been watching your videos lately and really love them. In most forex training videos they talk 80% bullshit and 20% about trading. You videos are comprehensible and plain logic. Love how much you know about trading and really love the fact that you don't bring the information like it is the only truth there is. Keep going. I will watch every video!

    Ps. Do you know more people on youtube who can explain forex trading in the way you do? Thanks

  9. I love your teachings. Thank you for the information. I would like to see some good information as a US citizen on how to choose the best forex broker. I'm worried I will end up using one that makes money trading against me and I dont know how to avoid signing up with one that does this.

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