1. hi adam what if your net capital is less than 10k is it even worth trading in forex? what if it is 1k. and your stop loss is 3pips. Would you make much profit this way? If time was not an issue would it take 10 20 years to build capital profits if you were consistent? ty

  2. Why no one expand how to use leverage!!! And the strategy money management of leverage 😐😒like how to deal with free margin or know how much margin support by plan of money management in forex….

  3. Excellent video, but you forgot to mention the spreads, i think the are calculated inmediatly when you take a trade; they should be taken into account when donig costs of trading.

  4. This video lesson is GOLD and completely turn around my trading,i wish ived watched this early on.Many thanks Adam Khoo,ur a great teacher and may sound cliche but a hero to many newbies in forex trading.

  5. So by leveraging, your losses aren't leveraged along? As in if you're risking 1% / $100, going 5x leverage doesn't increase your risk to 5% / $500? I'm confused because 1% of 50,000 would be $500. Is it just how the position sizing calculator for specifically forex works? Someone please enlighten me

  6. would you say its best to cut your losses and hold onto your winners or just let the trade ride out and whatever the outcome may be it doesn't matter

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