1. I cant seem to make any profit cause idk i put up a demo account and wanted it to be as real as possible… setting balance at the lowest (3000) and yeh the leverage, i thought that was like the ‘realness’ scale ande i dont really see a problem in it but i set it to 1:1… is this wrong?? Im i a peasant??

  2. When I make my 1st £100k I would like to take you for a drink as a thankyou for all your knowledge and advice you've provided me with your videos……… And maybe a meal when I reach £1M! 😊😉

  3. A demo account is a simulation of a real live trading account. The only difference is that you only spend virtual money on a demo account. It is made like that so beginner traders can practice trading without having to lose real money. Trade12 offers all types of trading accounts and these are with lowest trading commission.

  4. Hello sir.. so here is my question.. besides digital & real money, is it 100% demo account live trade, chart and so on are based on the real live market? or it's just Demo account 70% easier than Real Live Account?

  5. Is there a platform that lets you set the initial demo deposit amount? If I want to start with $500 as my initial deposit, and would like to practice strategies for that amount, are there broker/platforms the will allow me to do that? Or will I have to use their default demo account which are usually many thousands of dollars, and way out of my price range?

  6. Don't be deceived .Mrs Wilson Katie is an amazing Manager. I now trade and make good profit consistently and she has an awesome bonus package that comes as personal coaching. you should contact her with all confidence.

  7. Excellent video but…the only problem I had with demon-trading is that it was soooo BORING and quite frankly I'd rather learn by getting my hands dirty so to speak anyways. As a matter of fact and just like you said in other presentations, losing money, as long as you LEARN from it and keep a journal, should be viewed as part of the cost of doing business. How can you achieve that by "losing" fake money???!!! It's not the same. The key word here is…LEARN!

  8. I’ve been traded on the demo account since February. Only a month was in good return (20%). The rest of the months were losing month …have watched your videos and found it very useful. Thank you👍

  9. I am a going to be newbie. Thank you, what you are saying in this video very encouraging for me to start, but still learning and exploring more experiences from experts.

  10. I've dabbled in the past with a demo account. Did ok as i went through a lot of the emotions you described. I journal-ed how I had moments of greed and I should have stuck to my plan. That was probably my biggest failing was being greedy and feeling like I needed to trade more or ride out a positive wave and then pray it would come back on the retrace. I think the one thing I always did right was to not make a demo account with $10k or $100k, but to pretend fund like I would in real life. $200-500. That and lowering the leverage and being more mindful of money management.

    I've recently found myself more interested in finally getting myself squared away and getting ready for a real account. I'm not envisioning the Lamborghini. I'm starting with a simple idea of: Could I earn enough each week to buy myself lunch at a family restaurant ($10-12)? With compounding in mind, that goal will then grow to: Can I buy two lunches? Then can I pay for the auto loan I currently have? Then for both the vehicles? How about the mortgage?

    I will be working during this time. But I think these are real goals and not mansion on the hill and Lamborghini in the garage.

  11. Greed and lacking patience is the enemy.. 10 lot, 20 lot, 30 lot 50 lot on demo.. Number growing fast, happy, only trade few days we feel like a masters above the cloud.. Pour real money.. They are all gone… Haha

  12. Well, as a student tonight was the first night that I traded on forex after and introduction with forex and guess what I made 155.67 USD profit…. I thought it would be this easy but I'm glad I reached your video …

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