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    Learn why forex trading is a scam and why forex traders are fraud victims

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  3. Money deposited into a trading account goes under "Client's funds", an account under your broker. Everything is all good and well until those client's funds start running dry, then the broker becomes not your friend, but your scam artist 😉

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  6. Look at people like Charlie Burton and David Paul, 90% of traders fail but that is because they take too much risk and over leverage dont be so arrogant, money can be made swing trading maybe it didn't work for you but that does not mean that it cannot work for others. But I guess this video worked great to market your website.

    Do the math

    140 trades a year
    2 to 1 risk reward
    50 percent win rate
    2 percent risk per trade

    That would be a return of 140% a year
    It just takes discipline to follow your strategy and not over trade.
    Don't let this guy tell you that you cant do it and don't let the gurus tell you that you are going to flip your account in month, just take it slow and compound your account year after year.

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  8. Thanks for making this video I get hit up on instagram all the time. Lol I have an amazing career with a pension make good money
    I love investing in bluechip stocks. I have no interest in forex but wanted an idea of what it was this video nailed it for me.

  9. Just because you haven't personally met a "PROFITABLE" forex trader doesn't mean there aren't any. A trader claiming to be profitable or shows profits in the green doesn't mean they're fraudulent. Idk how anybody could even continue watching after you based the majority of this on your personal "encounters". Just say you won't trade it because you don't like the risk involved, there wouldn't be a legitimate forex market available to trade and no profitable traders lol that doesn't even make the slightest bit of sense. And clearly a degree and wall street experience doesn't mean you have common sense and can articulate opinions from facts. Smh sad and yes I know profitable forex traders. Profitable is also a personal opinion, 5% gain vs millions of dollars gained. Any amount of gain is considered profitable if you make money on your investment. This video is all types of backwards and i don't even trade forex actively smh. People have to do their due diligence with anything they wanna invest time and money in. If you sign up after watching a couple of clickbait forex videos on youtube and buy somebody's course without looking for reviews etc. that's on you. You take a risk with everything, your youtube name is just so funny too, how generic and scammy can you be at once? Obviously 100% both. You can literally print fake college degree's very easily people have videos on how to do it. And you covered the school name! Alll bad my guy.

  10. David. I'm curious. Ever heard of BK Forex (Boris Schlossberg & Kathy Lien)? They appear to be very successful forex day & swing traders. I'm more focused on options trading but I want to stick my big toe in the forex markets in 2020. So far I'm feeling BK Forex – but made no commitments yet. Also,have u heard of Oanda (forex) brokerage? If so, your thoughts. THanks.

  11. Hi i have watch a few of your Youtube videos. I am from Indonesia if you dont know then maybe if i say Bali then maybe you know😂

    I want to ask, my aunt 6 months ago start trading forex using FBS broker and trade using robot. His trading account is $5000 and he has to pay & $1000 a year for the robots. I have seen in her first 2 month trading account. And i can see he can gain profits like $400-$500 a month its like almost 10% return a month. Waht do you think man?

    And from what i see you usually trading options right? Is it more profitable than trading stocks? In my country Indonesia i rarely see options brokerage

    Thanks for your response

  12. I avg about 10k a month trading forex, i don’t think it’s a scam, i think peoples expectations are to high and because of that they’re more gullible to actually scams. I’m that one Forex trader that no ones met but I’ve also met personally 5 Forex traders, that are legit and two of them were millionaires and i learned hand to hand from them. Forex is risky business though and it’s not something i think anyone can make a million of off normally but if you’re trying to trade, i would say stick to stocks, Forex isn’t for everyone

    Oh and think or swim(TD Ameritrade) does offer forex Trading btw. I trade through them

    Oh and I’ve turned $400 into $3000 in two weeks trading forex. All high risk and i will not do that again because i lost it all when i got to $5000 😂😂😂😂

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