1. Start a legit investment today!!!
    Avoid fraudsters and invest wisely. I decide to post this after resently withdrawal my profits from Mr James menald,,Don't be fooled twice, legit account managers are hard to come by.

  2. any suggestion of a name of the legit broker for forex that we can apply as a filipino?
    coz from what i know, there are no broker that are based here in philippines for forex

  3. From my experience forex can be unpredictable sometimes that's why it's important all beginners get the best knowledge needed before starting out, I have been trading forex for 2yrs now and it's been life changing when I learnt to trade the right way. I seek professional guidance on my tradings and it's assisted me in making consistent trade profits on my investment. You can reach out to expertjoefx on telegram for trade guidance.

  4. Mostly Guide and attending forex interactive seminar, which has enhance my trading experience on different insight. I am currently trading with a pro because you can’t stop learning in this business

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