1. This trendline strategy pattern forms due to indecision between buyers and sellers in the market. you only need to draw a proximal line at the lower shadow of the candle, and a distal line at the upper shadow no matter what forex doji variation it is. Although What is comfortable and familiar for one trader might be the opposite experience for another. As a trader, it is up to you to determine which avenue of speculation fits your needs and, most importantly, your personality. After 2 years of being in the trend line breakout market, I can say the IQD momentum strategy Lukasz Wilhelm is the far best trading system I have ever laid my hands on.

  2. If I use this strategy for scalping as you have showed in your blog, in what timezones are the best to trade in, I can't trade the whole day so I have to pick maybe 3-5 hours that are good for this strategy, what hours should I pick?

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