1. GREAT!! Such a wonderful teachings! I have been watching almost all the related forex utube videos but u r so much different. I like ur simple and step by step explainations. Sir, i am a newbie, and i would be very glad if u pliz provide me a copy of yours complete FVD. So much interested on it. WAITING…

  2. You must be a Godsend. Sir, live sessions will be beneficial, live trades in scalping and day trade, wether you loose or win a trade will assist in developing your followers approach and attitude in executing a trade particularly a beginner of my kind who is still developing confidence in executing trades. Thanks again.

  3. Greetings sir! Hope you are doing well? You have really change my approach towards forex trade,I really appreciate. Please I will you make a video how how to use Fibonacci retracement. Thank you

  4. hello dare, i am grateful for this learning series bcos i am new to Forex and i intend to make it a channel of income for me and my establishment. please, i discover that the video about the moving arrows was done last year, can i still have it so that i can begin to use it in my demo account. my email address is samajibade123@gmail.com. thanks for your effort to helping us succeed.

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