1. Always a pleasure to watch and learn from you Rayner. I have enjoyed your content for years now and implemented a number of your techniques into my trading with some great results. Thanks very much and keep it up

  2. Mistake #1 (2:10)
    I was hopping from one trading strategy to the next.

    Inconsistent actions leads to inconsistent results.

    Mistake #2 (5:00)
    Wrong expectations about trading.

    You need money to make money in this business.

    Mistake #3 (6:15)
    40% return on a $50,000 account.

    20% return on a $50,000 account and you add in $6000 every year.

    Mistake #4 (10:12)
    I focused on the strategy, not the concept.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience! I agree with the points you raised. There was a full time trading session that I attended with one of the local securities firms – I asked the presenter how much money I needed to be able to trade full time, and he said 50K. I did my sums just like you did, and reckoned that the returns on 50K is just not enough to feed me, let alone feed my family. Also wih so much at stake, my emotions will cloud my judgment. That was why I stuck on with my job and traded part time. No regrets and less stress – because I don't have to monitor the screen like a hawk as I have a more stable source of income

  4. And after all what you've learned you decided that teaching and selling Forex courses is more profitable than trading? you are so skilled why you dont make big money from trading? or maybe you have myfxbook account to show you are profitable trader? can you show it please?

  5. I really like listening to your videos! I've just been trading for a few months. And you've been very instrumental in my knowledge and growth. Plus I feel like you are a trusted voice out there. So keep up the good work and thanks!

  6. In my opinion I think it’s very important to understand the concept. The indicator are not important if you have no idea of why you use them (concept.) however, once you understand the concept very well the strategy becomes more important to get down packed until you fully (85%) understand what’s going on.. also you should be psychologically l disciplined to follow the strategy. What I’m saying is once you understand the concept then you can currently develop a strategy that works for you. Happy pips!

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