1. You have to understand that trading is a great option for folks who will not want to wait till end of month to earn their money. And so far I have been trading with Mr James Morrison. He has given me great profit return and a clear understanding of my trading chart.

  2. Lookout J. Cash this video got me so lit🔥frfr!! Shouting out to you all the way from Nairobi, Kenya 🇰🇪. Grew up in the Triple D but due to certain situations I was forced back to my home country and was like what am I gonna do now? So I heard about Forex back in Dec. 2019 and was like 'Yo, this is it! I KNOW this can work for me.' So I went for some training at EGM Securities here where I learned the basics on trading forex but now I need to formulate my money management plan and trading strategy. I came across one of your videos last month and want to say thanks for giving us the game on tha way tha game goes. Hope by this time next year I can say J. Cash told us it can happen if you stay on the gas and learn, learn, learn! Thanks bro for giving a brother some hope. Stay blessed!

  3. What's good G. I don't know if you remember me but you were going to shoot a video for my boy Zeek "Traphouse"…but anyways do you teach Forex ? if so can you provide the link

  4. bro do you teach classes? I'm ready to open my demo account but have no idea what strategy to use and what not. could anyone help wit starting my journey of buying a model 3 this year?

  5. You know Jeremy… I don't really follow you… but as a South African battling with economic crisis who's just started trading and has seen positive results after studying… You give me hope. Thanks for helping me to believe again.

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  8. As a beginner, the fear of losing got the best of me. I cant control my emotions well enough as I am a sore loser, there is a chance I will be on a streak of losing trades once it starts, I read about a financial consultant in VA and have been getting assistance from her by copying her trades. After profits, we agreed on a 5% fee to be paid. I love her work ethic so far. She is just perfect for the struggling trader/investor.

  9. You are misrepresenting to the viewers how trading the forex market actually works. You are definitely not making money on the long run I can tell from the way you trade. He is making money because of you guys lol. Trading the forex market is a game of probabilities. You gotta have winning and loosing trades and when you have the edge, you win. He clearly doesnt show his loosing trades. I bet you he blew up half his account several times because of a loosing trade.

  10. In this video, I love the way you're thinking man. Since I can't around that well you gave me a good idea. That's what you call dream building. I love it. Right now I'm doing the demo. In about 2 weeks I'm going to do the real thing. I can't wait and I'm pumped. You are my motivation bro.

  11. “People don’t have to know what you do, people gonna be trying to figure out what you do…..Silent millionaire”…..Big FACTSSSS!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Extremely new to this, this may be a less than smart question but in the spirit of all things legal, Is the Forex trading program you offer an international program? I’m based in Canada and want to ensure that I’m not learning a skill that can’t be practiced in Canada ‘legally’. I’ve done some research and apparently one would have to be licensed in Canada to trade. Can you lend some insight?

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