1. Hello Dale,wanted to ask you that candle with another color on tail is a trigger for you,and that candle is a indicator or what,how and where can i find it to test,thanks in advance …

  2. Great explanation, and it's rare to hear it in those words. If you wouldn't sell the short move, then don't exit your long. I needed similar words when I started, especially after losing alot of trades. I'm to the point I'm looking to add positions at ema pullbacks sometimes, rather than panic, and bail out. I was pretty bad a couple years ago.

  3. Some of you guys are like feeding cats. You try to be nice and give a piece of food and next thing you know the damn thing is scratching at your door everyday thinking that you owe it food. These videos are a pain to make, I tried, and that he’s doing it for free is another thing. He’s made enough videos that you can learn and trade successfully off of. My advice, watch each of his videos 50-100 times until you can basically memorize what he says word for word and check out his site as well. Problem with a lot of traders is that they treat these videos like porn, you can’t. Watch one video and rewatch it
    Until you master it, stop trying to always look for the next high, what Dale has put out in videos is enough and if you need to keep asking to see more then you obviously haven’t watched the other ones enough. Thanks Dale for all of your hard work.

  4. Hi all. I'm a noob to forex trading, and haven't been making a lot of success trying out tricks I see online. I bump into these short tutorials every now and then, and I feel like I'm totally on the wrong path. I'd really appreciate if someone pointed me in the right direction. like what books should I read? or what courses should I take first? thanks.

  5. ive missed you Dale lol i like how you trade i trade almost same..not quite as good but im making progress…ive watched every vid (almost lol) and i remember you saying how busy you are but i hope 1 day you could start doing weekly outcast videos that would be awesome

  6. Hi, could I please ask a quick question. Some successful traders suggest the importance of letting winners run, whilst others swear by setting a specific target and closing when hit. The former suggest that if you do not let your winners run then you will not over ride your inevitable losing trades. The latter suggest that setting a target is healthy to avoid emotion and greed.
    Watching your video made me think that there was some sense in only moving my stop loss up when I have hit my target. Thereby, if the trade continues to run I am still in, and if it turns I am out at my target.
    What do you think?
    Thanks in advance.
    Novice trader.

  7. Love your videos. Love your laid back tutoring style. When you say calm down no need to panic I could actually believe that you yourself wouldn't sweat it. Oh and love the artwork and memes. Lol keep the vids coming.

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