1. Don’t tou guys see this guy is a scamer?
    He trade in tradingview in demo! And he trade in the news …
    Everybody can do the same make 2 videos one in sell and one in buy and later post the winning video!
    Please don’t be fully
    If a trader win money in trading he win several thousands Euros per day !!!

  2. Its a BULLSHIT! almost all trade have higher risk than reward and a lot of losers here tell how good is this video, where is the strategy? why open a trade? why that risk? and reward? you talk a lot and tell nothing, where is these 100% trades and explanations for that?

  3. Great video, but i want ato ask you a simple question. In the GBPUSD chart where the price hit the resistance level at 1.30800, would you enter trade downwards?

  4. nothing works all the time, market shifts and changes from a structure to another. consistency, adapting, and reviewing trades are what works to be successful
    you could be trading trends all of a sudden you could be trading range, MA might work then it might not work.

  5. IMHO, it would be good/ideal to switch over to the 4HR & 1D timeframe-chart (just to check what the 4HR & 1D candlestick is actually doing). E.G.; if the candlesticks are already "bullish" in the 15M timeframe, then if you switch-over to the 4HR timeframe, you might see that the 4HR candlestick is only just turning bullish "green"; then when you switch over to the 1D timeframe, you might see that the 1D candlestick is still "neutral"/"bearish" (just for example). The most "ideal" thing to do is to catch the "strong-price-movement" (when price has made the decision to move strongly up/down); & the "London + New York Session" is the most "ideal" time to catch the "strong-price-decision". (E.G. when you see the 4HR candlestick is moving strongly/decisively downward, & the 1D candlestick is following accordingly; it is a sure-fire Short.)

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