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  2. Quite agree with what you are saying. A signal service can only work if you place the trade more or less immediately after you get the signal. Half an hour later or so is useless and the price has moved somewhere else. Also just being given buy or sell signals just makes you push buttons like a performing monkey. You learn nothing. If the signals you were given keep losing you money will these guys refund your money? NO.
    Stay away !

  3. What is the easiest way to find out if "Elite FX Signals"  run by "ricky bijland" a fraud. They are not registered with NFA whilst their server runs in US their base of operations is Netherlands

  4. Excellent video, there are a lot of trading signal providers on the net. These services mainly attract novice traders who are looking for performance.If he has a delusional performance every month or week, it always hides a scam.

  5. What are your thought on binary options, I've been getting signals for these 5 minutes trades where you choose if it will go up or down, so far I haven't made anything in the past month or so, the days where I decided to put more money in turned out to be the days when the signals were wrong

  6. Forex Training Auto Cannibalism is what happens when youtube forex bloggers go too far.
    E S M A is reducing the ability for small account traders to trade which are the main target audience for Forex training videos and many people have realised training is pointless because you still do not know who and what is moving the graph in whatever directions.
    The latter plus the total lack of trust in people selling training mentoring and signals, will mean a decline in the desire for so called forex training and its about time.

  7. I have noticed that forex training signals strategies videos are going into auto cannibalism because people are realising forex is just guessing when all you have is news and post graph movement to go on.
    best wishes

  8. That's all good stuff and I actually agree with you… But why don't you make a group for traders and teach them and maybe provide signals + educational value. You seem like exactly the right person to do that!

  9. I tried a service which is certainly not a scam. It ran on daily signals on ETFs so it was not too stressful. I am based in UK but the service used US ETFs, so there was a problem with currency rates and exchange fees. That aside, I simply could not work the oracle in the same way that the operator of the system clearly could. Best to find one's own way!

  10. Sometimes it is a traders lack of confidence that makes them want to believe in signals – I know that I have put too much faith in " well they must be better informed " even though they can be as wrong as the next man .

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