1. Thanks for posting . I've been trading equity options and the Q's and S&P. I've been looking to get into FX scalping . I like your chart setup. I'll be demoing this strategy.

  2. i cant find the martin stochastic indicator in trading view im using an free account ? do u have any social media where i can contact u ?
    i would like to ask a few question.. really like ur videos

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  6. Jay Pip… Quick question… i know you trade from 1 to 5am… if you could only trade from 4pm to 11pm eastern time… what pairs would you recommend trading? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Keep the videos coming sir… thank you for your time.

  7. Misleading… 1K to 50K in 2 years. Speak the truth about what it takes..the risk etc.. I use to work for an institution. Feeding off people and their financial problems.

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