1. Watched about 20 of your videos in the past week, you really are the GOAT for all of this knowledge. Thank you x1000 — Phenomenal. If you are just getting started on this channel, I advise you to keep stacking your knowledge because this guy is one of the very few out there that knows what he is talking about. It might be the best source for Forex Education on the whole internet. Bold but true

  2. Ok but how the "big banks" even profit from the people's losses, what is the concept of that??
    I hope you make of it if it's gonna be a long answer.
    I like your videos tho👍

  3. Honestly the concept of reversals never made sense to me. Sure catching every possible pip in a new trend is nice but it happens so rarely. I've always been more prone grabbing a sliver of a trend rather than fight it. I guess I should have answered that in the previous video but my worst habit is probably exiting early in fear of a trend reversal…..just because the idea of instant reversals has been drilled into my head.

  4. I don't just like the message you share I love it so it is a hell yeah I love it, now everything makes sense, thanks to you. I will do everything you teach because I believe in it. thank you soooo much

  5. i cant seem to find how to locate the graphs can anyone help? I want to check some of my trades t osee where I may have gone wrong – I don't pick reversals but i'd love to see 🙂

  6. Hey V.P, am from South African and your vids have totally changed my thinking in terms of trading, is it possible that you can do a part 2 on the video of "Big Banks" and how they trick retail traders into losing their money.

  7. VP,
    I watched a lot of your vids and I love the way you make things clear. But eventually, I'm confused.
    You say :
    – Big Banks screw us (I think you're right);
    – Indicators are garbage (I'm sure you're right);
    – Moving Average Cross doesn't work (I KNOW you're right).
    What the hell can we do then ?

  8. if thats the real interpretation of that site the client sentiment then i dont have a problem believing, but the question is that most of the big banks are on hedge position is;nt it?

  9. I have been studying FX for 1 1/2 years full time and have never traded live, and for the past six months not even traded a demo acct. From the beginning, I have had a difficult time not trusting the trend and know it's the psychology within myself. Brought up by a low income single mother and learned early to find bargains and get good deals. This video confirms what I already know. Until I get my psychology right and can finally trust the trend, I have no business trading with real money or even a demo account. I have been trying to put together a trading plan with extra indicators that will confirm the trend so I can learn to trust it. I think I am getting close. So frustrating! I thought I would have been trading a year ago. Allot more to the story but bottom line is that I am really enjoying and binging on your videos. I just hope I am not one of those that just learn and learn and never end up trading.

  10. What I don't understand about the thesis here is that retail traders represent a small share of overall volume; why would the "big banks" make their decisions based on retail traders' decisions? Seems implausible.

  11. I have one very simple question: if the banks can do whatever they want with the prices and this is what drives the market, how can your indicators possible work? Can they penetrate in the head of these big boys? I see some contracdition here… And if there is one single indicator in the world that can do it, RSI and all the ”crap” indicators out there may well be able to perform a little better than you claim…

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