1. Hey Nick, thanks for the info! I have a question. What if your indecision candle is the same color as your trend, example: down trend -> red indecision candle. Does that mean that the indecision is weaker? Because the indecision candle has not closed higher. Thanks in advance!

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  3. Im doing exactly this approach, but trading shorter frames.  Its tough!  I saw nice bullish trend, get to top… nice indecision candle form, then start to form bearish candle… i enter short.. and boom… chart become instantly bullish again and im out with a loss.  Maybe im in too short a time frame… or maybe I'm not looking for enough confirmation?

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  5. I use a demo account when I do webinars or when I make some instructional videos. I do this as I do not want to put a recording of my live account on YouTube. I do not like the idea of thousands of people seeing my real trading account.

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