1. You are the best. I had a great month till now and this week 4 winners 0 losers. Made 151 pips this week and still going. Total this month 13 trades and 10 winners. Till now 7 winners in a row. I know i cant always be like this but this is amazing. Thanks to the eap. Btw i became a life time member of the eap…?✌

  2. Hi Steven, thanks for this channel. I have a question =) After your prediction was right and price is bouncing from resist/support level, when you need to open an order? One bar closed after bouncing? some pips to direct of prediction? How I would know this indeed bouncing and the price would not go to loose direction after 2-3 bars after I'm opening the order. Thank you very much for answer.

  3. Hey Steven Thanks for all the useful information bro, plz keep up the good work. Guys my young trading career was in reverse until I got introduce to the trading channel and since I joined the EAP program everything changed. Education is the key ??

  4. Yep Steven, you do a great job with your presentations. I really appreciate that you focus on price action and not just some indicator. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hey man. Huge fan of your TA and have learnt a lot from your channel. I would really appreciate if you also include cryptos in your videos and then compare the views you get. Crypto are the future and stocks and $ are on the verge of crashing.

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