1. Bro am so thankful for this vedio, I used the strategy of trading new today on the NFP news and I work out well. keep making cool vedios like this. Am so thankful for the knowledge

  2. Rayner really thankful to you for such helpful videos… I request you to please make a video on hedge trading and also strategies used in hedging for small accounts… Love from Pakistan

  3. What Rayner said is true, avoid the news is a lot better to keep our capital intact, i can say i've gained quite profitable results from news trading but generally it's not worth the risk and nowadays i'd prefer trading in normal situation.

  4. I appreciate your informative video Rayner. If I might add a bit of my perspective, there are sometimes other market structures, in addition to the horizontal structure you mentioned, that can inform our trade decisions. For instance, in your March NFP chart example, there was a clear upward trendline which was largely respected by price, even after the news announcement. Following the initial wild price swing, I can see at least one good candle pattern buy signal, off trendline support. Just my 2 cents worth, and please keep up the good work! Thanks, Joe

  5. Hi Rayner, first off great videos! With the most current NFP (July 6, 2019) the news was vastly different than the expected (224k vs 160k expectd) resulting in a surge in the USD. Does this aspect of the NFP change this strategy? Once again, your videos are greatly appreciated.


  6. Hi raynor….always watch ur videos bro love the way you teach ur knowledge…..I have something that may interest you in looking at….it's a all in one indicator which is like dam a curate. ..would you be interested in looking at it? There's no cost bro! Just respect you as a trader and would like ur opinion….let me know bro!

  7. Market rigging is common, and that is the only reason why I hate forex, because it goes against my technical analysis, talk of spread widdening, price swing even before the news, sometimes news report are ignored, and market going against the news, e.t.c

  8. Hey Rayner or anyone is there a way to reliably save your work/chart layouts in trading view? Need to be able to save about 20 charts or be able to view them somehow without them going missing every time I turn the computer off. I save them, name them etc but it's hit and miss whether they will be there next time the computer is turned on. Trading View say they don't know how to fix it so I just lose all my work – very frustrating. Anyone have advice or a work around?

  9. Hey rayner…Hope u are doing good… my query is in inside bar strategy and flag pattern you mentioned check whether price is respecting 10EMA and 20EMA respectively… How to decide whether price is respecting 10EMA or 20EMA?

  10. Ignoring the first move is not always right..cos some move in one direction after the news release and reversal may take up to 2 days or so…except you meant just NFP.

  11. Smart guy I didn’t even finish watching that’s how good he is I instantly got it tomorrow I have to work tho🥺🥺🥺🥺 so I may not be able to trade nfp unless I’m on my phone or unless I see a sign then I may type in an order and hope it goes my way

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