1. We had a wild market open due to the Coronavirus outbreak in China, things chilled out a little bit today in the New York session. But, we have some big setups going into Turnaround Tuesday tomorrow! This is what I am looking at for tomorrow. The SP500, YEN & EURAUD pairing, ENJOY!

  2. Hey Ronin aka Wolf of Wall Street 😬 !! I have a question … Could you make a video where the topic TP1 – TP3 is discussed?
    I would be interested to know exactly how this works, is there only one position open in the market?
    and if so what happens when TP 1 is reached?
    Does a new position automatically open from the level reached?
    I hope you know what I wanted to ask
    Regards Denis

  3. The giveaway is pretty nice bro. Even for the people that are in the VIP.
    And yeah, a bounce will be perfect to get good entrys on JPY pairs and close all the gaps like you said. Let's crush it brotha

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