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  2. Based on several years of being in the forex industry, I concluded that more traders need guidance and should seek help from a reliable broker because the market is so complicated.

  3. I don’t understand, how do I determine the margin, I can never trade because my leverage is 50:1 and when I trade .01 it works, then I trade .02 it’s not enough margin?

    I am so Annoyed can someone please hep

  4. I’m not getting it… 20*500 is 10000 but if I lose let’s say 5% of that in a trade would I have to come up with the rest of the money ? Or would it just be the 20 dollars that is taken and the other money isn’t bothered with that is lost?

  5. Leverage means a loan. A large part of society is quite skeptical about borrowing foreign exchange loans because there is a lot of risk associated with it. Every year, there are billions of dollars in foreign exchange transactions. According to many experts, investing in foreign exchange is better than investing in futures and options. AAFX offers flexible high leverage up to 1:2000. By using, I can extend my trading hand and enjoy a good profit sum.

  6. Leverage and margin level are the most advanced facilities ensured by a broker. So it should kept in sight before selecting a genial broker indeed. With Trade12 I have flexible high leverage up to 1:400 that varies from account to account type with flexible margin level.

  7. Still don't understand how is it possible? So i can deposit 10k for 1% profit, or 20 for 500% profit wit Leverage..? Than why did't use everyone this? 100 profit or lose 20 every day and you are good..

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