1. I use this type of currency pair chart, there are many out there….I have compared 6 of them with each other, and each with the pair's they suggest…it's been a mixed bag of results with few concurring with others consistently. To this end, does anyone know which ones the professional traders and institutions use? Are there good ones for both desktop and mobile applications? I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has had consistent results from these indicators. Thanks in advance.

  2. This is such a phenomenal video. It's hard to believe that I watched it for free because its so valuable. I'm now a loyal follower and soon to be member. 100 THUMBS UP!!!!!

  3. This is video for all new traders to watch but many look to find a moving average cross or etc, this is how you read the market and the only way, add trend lines with suppply and demand zones and its on

  4. think about it, banks don't use indicators to tell them which currency is strong and which is weak, they don't need to. Currency trading at a professional level is a lot more sophisticated than this as they typically don't tend to day trade like retail traders, and they don't sit at their desk watching what the charts are doing either, they are in the market for mainly fundamental reasons and have a more forward looking view on the markets, a lagging indicator like this is the last thing they would use, it would be useless to a professional trader but if it works for you then fair play.

  5. Hahaha, nothing more then a scam to get you to pay. Beginners, dont ever pay for this information. Do your research on your own read books, get a good mentor.

  6. Great video on the whole, but disliked as indicator locked to one particular broker, there's absolutely no need for this unless he's getting commission from broker for each install.

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