1. Yes, handling losses, we feel the pain n becoming stronger everytime. I really like your honest content. Thank you Karen, Thank you.

  2. At the first time i trade the market, i always looked at the perfectness. No loss, always win, and cant afford with losses. I've tried so many f**kn strategies but had no luck, just not becoz of the strategies but becoz i was not mature enough in forex market,
    and it seems that all of the indicators in that strategies are never enough, and i kept adding and tried to perfect it all the time. Recently i found out that what i did was a Cycle Of Doom. Yes there is no holy grail in FX. Even the best pro trader in the world could not guarantee his strategy is a holy grail. The percentage of good trading is maybe about 70 of 100%. No matter how much indicator Nrp or Rpaint we have, it's all useless without our understanding that there is no holy grail in fx. Just pick one ur fav strategy and stick with that for the rest of ur time in forex world. Learn it, discipline it, and do it whether it's lose or win.
    This only my opinion, sorry for long comment.

  3. +100% profitable, the Holy grail in Forex trading dóés exist, with all due respect Karen. Trading very accurately by Buying at the LL and selling at the HH. Knowing if the current candle is the HH or LL. a Chicken egg and some Brazil Nut also contains lots of protein naturally.

  4. My life is quite similar with you. After I start forex trading and make some profit. Everyone is hello with me. So disgusting. When I learning and pay off all the entertainment,the friend surrounding me is pull me down. Nvr gv support at all.

  5. Hello Karen, how are you…..

    I really like your advice and I'm working a lot on the psychological side
    after losing important money of my first accounts, I am recovering of little by what I remain of balance, being aware of my past errors in fears and ambition

    God bless you…..

    Leonardo Camacho, Bogota Colombia

  6. Agree so much on this! Enjoy the process of trading and make a living out of it at the same time. Only think about the sake of making money will never get you to the success in trading

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