1. hey, by the way, the new intro is awesome! I want to get me a surround sound system bad so I can listen to the intro! lolol graphics are on point too. nice job bro.

  2. just got to see the video bro. Excellent stuff ! one thing I find this helps me with is the need to take my time and look thoroughly at the price action. such as, when we are dressing ourself . As when you put on a suit, you check each piece of clothing you put on. Is my shirt pressed and on point? Is my tie knotted right? are my shoes free of mud? etc. So like with my chart, where are my areas of value? S&R. What is the current trend? am I close to a zone or level? where are my confirmations? etc.
    So sometimes take a step back and take a good look and then move to the next step. It pays to take your time and make a solid decision. man, thank you so much! this vid rocked!

  3. I bet after these two vids I know how to ID trends now! Lol thanks so much Joe for your hard work to keep things fresh for us. (Going to watch it later today)

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