1. I think a clarification needs to be set here.
    1. VISA or Mastercard: I'd prefer both. I wanted to say that I have more visa cards than Mastercard that is why I prefer visa over Mastercard. But Mastercard is globally accepted as well. So do not worry about it.
    2. Regarding Thomas cook: the first axis forex card I used was issued by Thomas cook only and even when I want to exchange money I do it through Thomas cook. On the trust meter, there is no issue with them. The only problem is that their exchange rates are high and the reloading process is also not so smooth. My father personally still prefer Thomas cook since we have seen that they are reliable and we have gotten Euros, SGD, THB and USD from them without any issues.

    Cheers guys, will update this comment if you have more questions! 🙂

  2. Hey Parth! I am Mimansha, currently studying at the Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. I had a question if you would like to answer. It's my second month here in the US and I still can't figure out how do I get my parents to transfer money to me. I don't want to pay a whole lot of transaction fees. I watched the forex card video of yours and also heard some students getting their money transferred into their local bank accounts which they find to be more cheaper. My local bank account is in PSECU.
    Well, I really need advice from you regarding this issue (that is what mode of money transfer do I use to get that small chunk of money for my expenses from India) I hope you are gonna answer.

  3. I have just ordered an HDFC Regalia Forex Card which only add US Dollars to the card. I actually need to spend the money in UK where the currency is Sterling Pound. Zero currency conversation rates is a different thing. But do the rates lock-in when I purchase dollars? I was asked while making the purchase for dollars about the currency which I will be converting these dollars to and I chose Sterling Pound.

  4. I wouldn't recommend forex card from HDFC credila..initially they will be nice to you then once u complete all the process they will increase the interest rate for some reason and after one semester there customer service will treat u in a berated way..this is my personal experience..I am doing my Masters and this is my 2nd sem and we are looking to change the bank…hope this helps someone

  5. Brother now im living in china and im using forex card..and i also withdraw money from atm through forex card. But for every 10k it would cost 7$ so now plse you suggest me what should i do now

  6. Hey, through my research I found IndusInd is offering the lowest exchange rate, 0 issuance charge and Rs.118 reloading charges. The exchange rate is the cheapest among all the banks and third party companies like ebix, bookmyforex,etc. But I am hesitated to opt for it as I don't know anyone who uses IndusInd forex card nor there are any reviews about it.
    The exchange rate they provide is around 1 rupee less than what bank offer and around 10-20 paise lower than third party companies.
    Also IndusInd is offering 2 free cash withdrawals per month.
    In this case what should I do ? Which card should I opt for ?
    Is it too good to be true 😅
    Any help will be appreciated. Thank you 😊

  7. hi i have a doubt, if im uploading 1000rs into my forex card today, and use it after a month or so, will the currency rate keep changing, or will it be as same on the day i uploaded the cash?

  8. Hi, can you please tell if HDFC Regalia Forex card is good? I am very new to this and this is the best video i found online( Cheers) but I am still confused regarding which would be the best option? Bookmyforex apparently has a lot of backlash due to thier dependency on other banks. I am so confused. :/

  9. book my Forex don't have offices pan India basis, they are in tie -up with local money changers , how come they will offer better rates there will be hidden charges definitely . no one will do charity in business . they have RBI licence in only one place to do business…………

  10. If there is some money left in any of the cards and when i return back from my foreign trip, how can i unload the money back to my account or can i get cash?

  11. Hello parth
    It was really helpful video.
    Now i know about bookmyforex cards, thanks .

    I have some doubts though about bookmyforex card-
    1) is there any validility for amount loaded to be used?
    2)is this card multicurrency?

    Will appreciate your response ,thanks!

  12. Hi Parth,
    Great explanation.
    Could you tell me with an illustration ,if let's say I pay 100$ via BMF and again reload with 100$, then the bank would charge me the reloading fee on the card issued to me via BMF or centruml

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