1. question: How can you modified the trades in your robot to avoid FIFO rules? Like in the EA that I am using the "kingle ea robot", for some reason it enters the order with the volume at 0.01 for any sell or buy trade, and unfortunately, it creates a conflict with other order from other currencies that I am using the robot in which triggers the FIFO message. Is there a way to run the robot on multiple currencies under the same broker and in order to avoid FIFO messages ? Do I have to open another account and set the robot on one account to buy order only and the other robot to sell order only in the other account from multiple currencies? its crazy to say it but that's where I found from my research. thank you

  2. Hi and thank you for the video. Is there any tutorial on using the MT4 application, I would like to see an example, from finding a couple of EAs, to loading them into MT4 and optimizing them. Using the Demo account for this for example.

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