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  2. Hi michael,thx for your explaination about MM role business.Its really help for my trading learning curve.I hope someday i will join your membership. Finally i find some one which can explain the real forex market mechanism work. I have a question,can we apply this with supply and demand? Iam not using any indicator. Thx

  3. As a noob myself the best approach I have found is not having any indicators only using S + R lines Trend lines Fibonacci and good old price action from a top down approach see where market sentiment is look for the right signals from price action and if it is red or green on a weekly candle you know it is bullish or bearish any way I am doing so much better waiting for the right signals patience and discipline and omg it has made the world of difference! Honest I believe all these bells and wissels are there to distract you, not saying they do not work but for me right know they do nothing for me!

  4. OMG! I wish I saw this 3 month ago! Every word you said in the video hits me hard, pretty much describe my experience last 4 months. It makes so much sense, in order to go through all your videos ASAP, I put it on 1.5X speed, you sound funny but I can get more information in the shortest amount of time. Thank you very much for put it online! Question: sounds like this is a private group training recording, is the group training still running? How can I join the training if it is? If not, do you have any other material other than the videos on youtube? Thanks again for the great content!

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