1. This is so strenuous.. to look for hundreds/thousands of indicators, testing one after other combination, finding one that seems to work and then realizing it doesn´t always work and sometimes gets you into bad trades. Is a lot of work, but somehow I feel that one day I will look back to this time and regret nothing.

  2. I like this NNFX teaching a lot. I appreciate what VP is doing. However, for guys like me, who just joined on 12/4/2019, I just wish you either VP would put a date or EP number ofn each video so we know which one to see first. Thanks VP

  3. My baseline is simply an 8EMA. Fantastic on H1 and higher TFs. BTW. I love and use MA crossovers. i.e. 3, 8emas and 14 simple MA. I also use a 5% Williams Percent Range for my trade entry confirmation. Pip targets are set in accordance to a 14 ATR

  4. vp im binge watching your videos just in case they are taken down and im also taking notes really do luv your style …… how ever think i still want to learn about candle stick the thinking behind of it and even support and resistance why? beecause forex is just the beginning think one should know as much as possible even if you are not using those tools once again thank you

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