1. Hi AM Trading ; thank you to all what you do ; but i think we should also provide a full review of this indicator performance ; all traders should do their best when it comes to present any kind of an indicator by telling what they know for sure and as a fact ; so i can say this……this indicator repaints the (star ) ; and it jumps from one place to other place ; the arrow also repaints but more to that it is worse than the star because it disappears totally from their location when they show up at certain level the first time in some cases ; AND /OR it jumps to other place in some cases too …..the only way to know that is to go to M1 time frame and apply it there and watch it ; you will be sure to see that very clear….at the end you may try it in demo ; and then you will be able to make a decision about it.

  2. Sr. Ya no suban más indicadores para forex y binarias..Mucho repintan cuando hacemos backtesting.
    No pierdan su tiempo subiendo indicadores que no sirven.
    Re visenlo bien antes de subir..se agradece por su comprensión.

  3. Guys this indicator made me today over 1500USD when i used just 5% to trade form capital 3000USD, meybe its reapint idicator but if you entry every signal.. you cant miss good trades. For me is absolutelly amzing. Its about trade management. Thank you for this idicator.

  4. simple way to use this indicator – WE ALL KNOW IT REPAINTS BUT IT'S VERY SIMPLE.

    Go to higher time frame – Minimum H4
    Check trend on H4 – UP OR DOWN
    IF UP
    go to lower time frame like M5 – M15 MAX then wait for buy signals as the pair is dropping – you will get much better entries and will be entering into the trend.
    do the same thing but sell instead! EASY

  5. Es selam aleykum!
    I am muslim from Albania (European Union) and I need you.

    Can I use this indicator for binary option? I have been standing for many hours in front of my computer and I studied this indicator, and it looks wonderful and great. But I guess this indicator also can be used for binary trading, maybe for long terms or short terms. Please I'd sincerely appreciate any opinion from you.
    I'd like to contact with you. Thank you! All the best.

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