1. It's a great idea to try backtest strategy on a demo account before use, it's more important to get a good trade system that works perfectly for you and support your trade. For good expert advisory on how to trade better reach Expertjoefx on telegram for guidance.

  2. This is and awesome idea for a strategy, but where my problem is at entering in the lower timeframe, i try to use the 15mim timeframe, but it does not work i just lose and lose, i dont know if i should just leave it on the daily timeframe and look for an entry when a new day starts😔

  3. Oh my GOD i never knew we could have a man like Andrew Feldstein on here he is absolutely true to his words i strongly recommend him for investors who are really ready to earn good returns on investment. I just made a withdrawal of 16.850 Euro after my initial investment of 1000 Euro.

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