Finding suitable fund managers or a financial advisor

Hi Frank,

I am sorry to say, But I believe you are approaching this problem from the wrong angle.

In my very honest opinion, There are only two options in most cases.

1, putting your funds into while of market type index funds, in which your are taking an ownership interest across the entire national/global economy, and accepting the market average return.

2, dedicate yourself to a life time of learning and become an investor and attempt to beat the market average returns by making good choices and deploying your capital yourself.


A few months back I caught an Uber to take me to the Tesla dealership to pick up my new car.

The Uber Driver was a 68 year Old Ex Suncorp “Financial Advisor” complaining that he had to drive uber in his “retirement” to make ends meet, who seemed perplexed as how I could live off my investments at 37 years old.

So I don’t have any faith in the “find a good advisor” approach.

The whole “I need to find some one to tell me how to make money” approach seems highly flawed, and open to all sorts of cons.

min reality you either just need to take a position in the market and hold it for the long term, or try to beat the market yourself


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