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  2. I find it hard to anticipate the correct entry. I once made 100% of what i had in my account the following day i used same strategy i lost more money than i made the previous day.

  3. There's a way to have 78% to 92% win rate. it is not a trick , You just have to use the Blended Model strategy to trade for one bar (10 pips). I use the 4 hour and look for 2 naked bars joined together i mastered this strategy from it's creator Dmitry Vladislav. You can search the internet for more information .

  4. I read a lot of superb reviews on the net about how Trabeplom System can help you earn cash in the forex . Has anyone tested out this popular forex system?

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  6. Dear novice forex traders, steer away from indicator based trading and stop looking for youtube videos that will magically teach you how to trade. Its an honest waste of time, people luring you into bogus "school of trade" so you can part with your hard earned dollars. I'm just shaking my head at this vicious industry, it will eat you up and spit you out if you don't watch it.

  7. Divergences are nothing more than breakouts. I WISH it was as easy as connecting high lows and comparing it to indicator but its not. If you open the same chart on differnt timeframes, identify channels and see that your price action confirms a breakout, its NOT good to enter on a breakout candle. In fact I have a full year experience of trading breakouts only. Trust me, you want to AVOID a breakout, and the rule of thumb is: "Avoid entries when candle approaches a trendline". Suddenly, everybody and their mother wants to trade the EXACT breakout, LOL. OK, if you are starting to trade breakouts, you are better off to trade FAILURES rather than breakouts. You will make more pips, and you won't have to be taken to the ER from the heart failure. Entries for actual breakouts are best off taken on the second bounce in the directions of a new trend: you will get a better, safer entry, way up on top or way in the bottom for buys. I'm mind boggled that people would want to trade breakouts, when usually if we are trading volatility, we want to stay with that trend, not sit around waiting for an imaginary breakout because your indicator said so.

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