1. General Question: I know Renko isn’t time based but when looking at multiple charts different timeframes the cloud changes. Is there a specific timeframe to use this strategy with?

  2. Hello, thanks for this video. I was searching a renko indicator, but the ones I found were not reliable. Do you have one that you could provide for MT4 ? Thanks again for everything

  3. The only issue I have with this amazing strategy is that it puts your trading account at risk of a “Margin Closeout” especially with higher leveraged margin accounts 100:1 50:1 or even 20:1.

    If for example you go long and then you hit a deep pullback, it can trigger a margin closeout and bye bye trading account. Be careful and make sure you have sufficient funds in your account to Protect yourself from margin closeouts.

  4. Thank you for this interesting presentation. I do have a question, though. The "lagging line" (Chikou) always lags behind the current position, correct? It is not calculable at the time one is deciding whether or not to enter a trade. It is only valuable in hindsight to see if you entered correctly. So I am not sure why one would use it at all. Am I missing something? Thank you again and I look forward to your feedback.

    By the way, this is a problem with many charting videos, which generally show information that is not yet available at the moment one is deciding when to enter. It's easy to see the proper entry time IN HINDSIGHT, but real trading is done in the present, when future data are obviously not yet available.

  5. Nice introductory into one of the most complicated yet rewarding trading systems known outside of deciphering one of W.D. Gann's systems. I day-trade the E-mini Nasdaq and If I may share a entry point I use. On a short when price breaks below the RED cloud, price has a tendency to retrace up to the cloud, I have seen it do it up to three times.When this happens I set my entry below the lowest low of the retrace with stop at least two ticks above the highest high.Once you're hit if the second candle doesn't break below your entry candle get out.

  6. And you what do you prefer?
    Renko + ichimoku cloud
    If i understand well your english i suites that tournée a swing trader.
    What is your brokers? Mt4 or other
    Your french follower

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  8. Hi, great video. What are you settings are you using for IchiMoku cloud for renko? I'm using a 5 min renko $.10 on stocks, not sure if a ATR (14) is better or not

  9. Great video, I have one question though. I have been unable to find a charting service that supports both renko or ichimoku clouds. I was curious as to what charting tool you used to create this chart that you have shown us. Thanks!

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