1. your podcasts are awesome but you need to think more about your audio source eg don't pick a location with lots of wind and background chatter just because the view is nice. we all care about the interview not the location.

  2. Jesus fucking Christ man…. Why can't people record simple videos? Why even upload this quality of trash? Be a professional take the guy to some drinks and have an interview. DONT STAND IN A GALE OF WIND INTERVIEWING A MAN WITH A SOFT VOICE!!!!!

  3. Bonjour, je viens du Québec et je suis débutant en commerce. Je me demandais si vous avez des recommandations pour une plateforme forex. I was trying to research however there are a lot scams. Do you have any recommendations for a platform?

  4. Hi Etienne thanks for your great videos.
    I have a question for both of you.
    What is your winning rate ? how many of your total trades are profitable?
    Second question : What time frame are you using to make trade decisions?
    Third question: What kind of system are you guys trading? Indicator based, how many indicators on the chart? I dont know if I missed that because of wind in some parts of video but I dont actually know what strategy you guys use to trade and make living.

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