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  2. adding this to some other stuff i was already doing not only increased the number of trades i make a week but also has improved my winning %. 3 months running.

  3. Thats my strategy, I have been using it for 3years and it is consistant, don't just watch the video and never try it out, take your time paractice the strategy cause for me I don't think you will ever find a better strategy than this one. Thanks bro for sharing with the community

  4. On the right track but these settings and this logic is a sure fire way to lose money. double stochastics work but not on these settings or timeframe and only with a few other factors thrown in (which i wont explain here as its a strategy in its own right and has taken me yrs! to formulate and understand).

  5. Hello sir can you make video how to trade bitcoin, what strategy to use with trading btc, what is better swing,or intraday trading for btc, Or what is better price action + VSA trading or indicaror trading. And all of that with trading bitcoin please if you can then make that video lease SIR!

  6. Sweet, i have a very similar technique. I use 50,1,3 and when that crosses the 50 level i look at 8,5,3 to go oversold/overbought to enter at a kind of rainbow ema river of 9,14,20. You only take the first enrtyu after the longer stochastic crosses 50 to limit bad signals

  7. Thanks for this interesting strategy idea. I will have to say though that from my back-trading with this method so far, the entries are sometimes unclear, and sometimes one of the two Stochastic indicators is giving a false signal. (Worth noting: more false signals occur during consolidation and news events throw off indicators.) But I'll mess around with this and see if any worthwhile consistency can be found.

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