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If China set up military bases in Mexico I can imagine what angst there would be. U.S. has military bases in Japan and South Korea which clearly does not impress the Chinese who see themselves an equal world power along with Russia. Japan v U.S. WW2 yet buddy buddy nowadays even after Hiroshima and Nagasaki civilian population nuclear bombs.

Forget about China (or any country) setting up bases in Mexico (or anywhere near the Americas)… if they do, the US will risk nuclear annihilation just to make the point.

That’s not theoretical or rhetorical, they’ve done it when the Soviets sent a few nukes to Cuba in the 50s. Despite what Kevin Costner’s 13 Days depict… JFK push the world to the brink of nuclear war just to watch the Soviets blink.

And why did the Soviets sent Castro the nukes? Because they got intel saying that JFK has ordered another invasion on Cuba, one that’s about to get the greenlight soon. That and the Khrushchev and his comrades thought that since the US has nukes pointing at them from Turkey, on B52s circling the Motherland… so why can’t they do tit for tat?

Well, only the yank can tit… but no one else can tat.


As for Japan and S.Korea being buddy/buddy with the US… not really. I mean the leadership of those countries must appear to be partners with the US, but that’s what you do when you’re put in place to run the colony.

I’ve read some years back some analyst was saying that there are hardline “patriots” in Japan (and presumably S/Korea) who are pushing for war and instability in the region so that they can have an excuse to build up their country’s military (again) and arms industry… hoping that it would weaken the US’s grip and some opportunity to regain more, if not total, independence.

Most statesman (states-person ) would not be capable enough to navigate these delicate manoeuvres. Trump is so unprepared and incapable it’s a good thing the US is not run by his imperial presidency.

But seeing how he has a hard-on for generals and war parades, then picking either general or wall st bankers, billionaires and sycophants to fill his administration… The Decline… then the Fall.


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