1. What exactly are selling in this scenario as if you don’t own any stock? I guess I’m confused by the reversal on how to make money on the reverse of buying low selling high how do you sell high and buy low??

  2. Hey Adam, Great explanation cleared a lot of misunderstandings for me 🙂 ! I have one question:
    At 16:16
    When I want to buy at a price of 1.9455, that means if I set a Buy entry at 1.9455, it will be triggered at the ask-price of 1.9456.
    So, if I would really wanna buy at 1.9455 shouldn't I actually set the entry at 1.9454 (which would make the ask-price at 1.9455)?
    instead of 1.9456… I didn't understand that part very well!
    …. AFTER A MONTH: I did understand, thank you!

  3. How do I make the spread instead of paying it , given that you are not a market maker , but armed instead with good dynamic trading rules / strategies but 10000 in an account to start trading with

  4. Hi Adam, let me get this straight, if I enter a trade with a sell (sell = bid ) I have to calculate from the ask price ( buy = ask) where to put my stop loss and take profit and vice versa. But if the spread is to big it will take me out before I reach my goal

  5. This is why you should never trade using chart patterns, you only ever see half of the market. The other half is a plotted 'Ask Chart' which can vary considerably from your 'Bid Chart' You cannot assume by just switching on the Ask line, the Ask line is only a split second view, not a plotted chart.
    Ask charts are not stored in history. The Ask price is broker controlled. The Bid price is their data feed.

  6. Hi Adam. I am just learning trading and I find it fascinating and I only hope I become a good trader like yourself. This was a really good video, I loved it and it really explained the stop loss and take profit.

  7. So doing swing trades for forex is a bad idea? If I’m holding over the weekend, and Australia markets open Sunday evening ( based on New York time) then you will most likely get stopped out due to the spread.

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