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  2. Been testing this strategy for a week. Used with stoch and multiple time frames i'm achieving 75-80% accuracy on the Dax, it is a trend chasing strategy and results wont be as strong in a choppy market. If your a trader that gambles more than you trade, following rules incorporating this technique will help you.

  3. with pivot points that could be a nice set up..if you find oversold condition on pivot point ,S1-2-3, going long…vice verca on overbrought condition @ R1-2-3…but price action is 1st priority

  4. 200ema LT used with either 5ema or 8 ema ST. I'm pretty tight with 97 and 3 on 2rsi.Price under 200ema/above 8 ema…RSI above 97 is a shorting possibility. Add S/R levels and it does fine.

  5. Update BRO, l love this strategy for scalping, I had consecutive successful small pip gains. It all adds up on the end and if you like constant action, this is it. Thank you very much for all videos you are making, the are very useful to all of us👍🏆. Keep it coming BRO😁

  6. I have EXACTLY same idea few weeks ago as a friend of mine start experimenting with very short RSI + Stoch ideas, It's looking really nice, but for now I don't use it. Probably a massive backtest could show it's potential.

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