1. I was trade with an 1020$ Balance and put 0.50 lot on gold, and make a huge loss, i forget my trading plan and the quick rich mindset sneaks in my mind.. now i have an balance of 760$.. but i will grow and learn from it.. but 760$ is still an good amount right ? But thanks for the video, my perspective change now

  2. Start with a $2000 account and only trade 0.05 lot sizes. People want the money to fast without having the knowledge. They want out of their current situation so bad they blow their accounts. People need patience.

  3. But there is no skill because the graph movement is random so skill strategies signals candles training mentoring and all the rest are purely gimmicks. If the underline reasons for the graph movement are random which they are because there are millions of different choices every second, then the graph its self, is too, its simple common sense. Also there is the affect of associated natural economy health. regards Hayden

  4. This is great advice but you can look at it from a diiferent perspective as well, I rather blow 10, one hundred dollar accounts learning. Rather then blow 1, One Thousand dollar account. Because your learning curve is very vital and its important to practice with real accounts as myself have experienced

  5. What lot size would you recommend for a $1000 dollar account? I’ve been using lower lot sizes, below .10, and I’ve been getting consistent with my trades recently without getting big losses. Thanks

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