1. Interesting video except that, even a novice trader would tell you that Bollinger bands are trash. Seriously I don't know why you're misleading people, you can't polish a turd. The best thing is to go and find indicators outside the default standard pack, it will take time but if you're not in this for the long haul you're going to crash and burn regardless.

    I believe you're a competent trader but videos like this make it seem like you're just pandering to the lowest common denominators who'll flock to give you views in search of a get rich quick scheme.

  2. Such a great video. I wish you have a great day ahead!
    By watching the entire video, we can use bollinger band to check if Breakout is coming.
    However, i didn't understand how to detect if a Last Price at their lowest point so i can entry the market.
    Please advise

  3. Hi, Mr. Teo, I viewed a lot of your trading indicators. It look like you are very good for all trading indicators. I would like to know which trading indicators are the best of all for you. Thank you.

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