1. Man you are one of the best bitcoin predictor I ever seen. I like how you opening up the whole picture and not just talking after speculation as many other. Keep up the good work👍

  2. Hi Steve! Another wonderful video! Quick question about your classes: Do they teach how to trade the short-term? In other words, how to scalp for 0.5-2% trades on a daily basis? I've been trading for a while and have a pretty good grasp on how to identify major trends, so learning how to apply profitable scalping strategies on different trading accounts is what really interests me.

    Please let me know!

  3. As you can see the upside has been hit by lots of downside pressure at the 7200 levels and this shows that a down side is very probable…. in fact to all the way down to the 6500 levels . Breaking this is quite difficult as the support is quite strong. Breeching this support level then we swoop down to the 3000 levels.

  4. Thanx for another great one. For me the Team CCU doesn't do it. Falls short. Crypto Crew or Team Crypto Crew I like better. Though I'd keep it as Crypto Crew University

  5. I like when you predict two senarios (down/down) and when you give your opinon the % of which senario that you believe most in and why. This is very educational. Wednesday is still y favorit day – I have named it Steve-day. Keep up the good work. thanks

  6. Glad to hear you and your family arrived safely to your new home. Thanks for the info and updates. I too love to travel…I’m still in Buenos Aires (3 1/2 months now)on an extended holiday from Australia and it’s great. Cheers

  7. Steve I don’t you which of your courses should I invest, I’m confused too many links. Let me know which link is the one with the complete clases I mean the complete complete clases that is included everything.. thanks.

  8. I didn't believe it but btc did went down as low as 6500 very near to 6400 support and bouncing for now, I have to admit I don't like to hear bearish predictions but this channel keeps you level headed

  9. 3000 bitcoin coming but gold and equities housing and everything else drops 50%.rich will hold gold, crypto and cash then it buy it all up. then we get massive inflation, rising interest rates but will go negative interest rates to 6 months after the us election and global crash. recession imminent. hold then buy after this or short to 3000 then after long it to 10000. usd going to gold standard after crash and eliminate the fed.

  10. My favorite type of video from you is the ones where you analyze the various charts and explain the significance of the changes in the charts. I know you do a lot of videos like that but that’s my favorite part. I also like when you look at altcoin charts, especially Monero, Dash, and LTC

  11. Hi Steve, I like your simplicity to draw out the scenario's using simple EMA and higher timeframes, really give me clarity – there's no one in the space that breaks it down like you do so keep it up and thanks for the content

  12. Great video as usual Steve. I hope you and your family enjoy your new home and adopted country(will you tell us about where and why you chose that country?). Just so you're aware there's an annoying echo in that room compared to before. Yes, please explain the 5 waves and how ABC works. Thanks for what you do and for helping stray dogs!!

  13. Your ABC looks off. B wave was a 5 wave up (as I’m sure you know a B wave moves up in a flat, zigzag or combo). This looks to be a zigzag (535). We’re now in likely the WXY of the 3 wave before our final push up for the final part of the zigzag before coming down for the C wave of the correction

  14. Nothing but respect for uploading the video under your circumstances, thanks! Good to know that you and your family arrived safely to you new location. I think your office could use some plants/paintings or curtains to remove some of the echoes. My favourite part are always the moving averages and like an word with CCU in it, TeamCCU sounds great. Ps back in the day you where really counting the day of the stochasticRSI being above 80 or below 20, it’s been more than 14 days now…

  15. we were never in a bull market to begin with- a bull market doesnt last 6 months…we are in a corrective wave 4 (and still in a bear market) …forming a triangle…after the recent price action (of breaking 7k) it is evident that big rally up was a B wave of an ABCDE symmetrical triangle (the possibility of an ascending triangle is pretty much ruled out at this point)….at this point we are coming down to form the C wave…however if that does not hold and it proves to be a descending triangle instead…we will absolutely see sub 2k….as of now the next stop is most likely the 200 week MA (around 5800) and the lower part of a major previous support zone…it will be a long time before BTC breaks out of this as wave 4 corrections are long and drawn out.

  16. Thanks Steve!
    Happy House-Warming!
    I appreciate the great effort you put in, especially for this video. Still full of very useful and helpful information. I may yet take the course(s), but have just been enjoying your videos to begin with. I have just subscribed for a couple of months now, but am very much in need of some good guidance (in crypto and in life). So far my biggest take-away from you is the way you emphasize discipline and keeping one’s emotions in check. I have anxiety disorder and have had emotional issues my whole life. This has been a barrier for my success. With investing, it is magnified and the consequences can be pretty devastating (financially and, of course, emotionally). Keep’ in my chill in the markets could be very good exposure therapy. You are helping me improve my life skills and I hope, eventually, my financial situation. I have endeavoured to invest to create future financial freedom. Ironically, I have contributed to keeping myself in debt and behind, in general during my now-near-twenty-years of trying to invest myself out of poverty. I am no longer poor and have, actually, always considered myself lucky. Nevertheless, I am still just hovering around in mostly a sort of limbo. Bitcoin, unlike the stock market has presented a new set of problems and lack of understanding. I did know, right from the first time I heard of it, that I wanted to buy some. Definitely, very speculative, at that point. Unfortunately, it took me until late 2017 to even figure out how to purchase BTC etc. I began building a position in April 2018. During that period, I have gone through long periods of very slow price-averaging buying in to a few periods of trading. I have had a few small successes, but have effectively cancelled out any of my gains with losses by over-trading. As a very small player, I theorized that I could build a larger Bitcoin position simply by trading and without adding more money. True, in theory, but Bitcoin freaks me out and being such a small player, I feel a threat of being left unable to buy any substantial amount of if I step out and try to short etc… too long or at the wrong time. Hodling my way into a huge average price hasn’t seemed too successful either. In the past, I price-averaged myself right into the ground with some stocks (which do actually go to zero sometimes). The hard lessons that I have learned and am still learning in the stock market have mostly sunk in (in those markets) With Bitcoin, I am breaking all those rules again. I have done a lot of buying on the way down (like “trying to catch a falling knife”) and I have stayed in because somehow I am staunch with the belief that Bitcoin will not go to zero. Anyway, to make a short story long. 😉 Maybe you can see through my ramble and view some underlying questions. Bottom line, looking for guidance and will likely sign up in 2020. Your calming influence is very helpful. I like being shown what tools you use. Ironically, even though my gut was bullish, I just learned about the death cross in September/October from you. I convinced myself that the market was going to crash further at the end of October and attempted my biggest short ever the day before the giant spike. Doing nothing would have been much more profitable. If I stayed out for a month (here I go again) I could have pulled it off… that fear of sitting on the sidelines with a $15000 or $20000 Bitcoin and me all in fiat with enough to buy less than half a Bitcoin left freaked me out more than Hodling 1+ and riding it to the bottom… My greed got the best of me. Buying my first coin took me about 8 months. My second was accomplished, but now I am catching up to 2 again, as I wrecked myself during the biggest pop in years… Yes, don’t laugh too much. I should give advice and everyone could just do the opposite of what I do. 😉 I wore the sweater of shame for a few days, but the calming influence of you and how I have started to take that on helped me get past and I do live and learn. I blame no one but myself. Yes, a little information can be a dangerous thing. I have given you a lot. Lol. Thanks Steve. Keep up the good work. I look forward to growing my wealth because the more that I have, the more that I can give to others less fortunate. Giving-forward a la Steve, is a big part of my goal of financial freedom and will be the ultimate culmination of accomplishing that goal. Thank You 🙏
    Cheers from Jevon in White Rock, BC Canada

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