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  2. Thank you for the awesome information! I now understand the concept as I’m getting into trading! Although my channel isn’t directly connected, I do find trading stocks fun!

  3. Still a bit confused here.
    For example: yesterday I wanted to sell an ETF which I have been waiting over a year to get back to even.
    My avg was 44.50 and the ETF was at 44.52 yesterday morning.
    I figured if it kept going up, then great and in case it didn't I set a tight stop loss at 44.49. My fidelity account would not accept the trade and an error message said I was "on the wrong side of the market."

    So after some research and a phone call to fidelity, I realized the bid/ask spread was 44.52 – 44.21. that meant I needed to set my stop loss lower than the bid price.
    Needless to say I was disappointed but learned a valuable lesson.
    Never again will I ignore the bid ask spread prior to purchasing a stock of ETF.

    On a side note, the market price of my ETF dropped today and triggered my stop loss. I had a minor loss of around .5% but was happy to get out. I was down as much as 20% last year before averaging down.

  4. If you buy the stock on the ask and it pops up .10c real fast and theres a .10c difference between the bid and ask.Would it be better to just sell it on a MARKET order?

  5. Hi sir I'm new to investment and trade. Quite confused about bid and ask. If bid does not equal ask, how could trade occur? Put it simple, if a milk is priced at 1 pound, you have to pay 1 pound to make the trade occur.

  6. i like that you threw in market makers. but, maybe you could have just explained what the order book is and how it is used to fill orders. people might misinterpret and think that institutions some kind of special control over the price, which isn't the case

  7. Hi Do you have a video on how to scan your charts first thing in the morning before you begin to day trade?

    E.g what to look for and the other things you would take into consideration

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