1. who do you mean "big boy"? is it means a player in the market that has a huge amount of money and power so can move the market, or the "big boy" refers to a strong trend previously?

  2. Hello, I am practising on binary options. But I want to learn about the forex market and to trade in it too but I don't from where to start learning about forex. I'm strongly willing to trade in forex and learn. Please help me if there is any course to do or anything please help me..

  3. Is Navin saying that the ATR indicator can be a possibility of how long the trade should take to reach TP.. If it does take much longer you might have want to close trade in profit.

  4. After 2 years of studying the forex market, this video has finally opened the door for me. Thanks Navin! Really appreciate your time in making these videos!

  5. Hello Navin, I'm a new trader, I keep watching your VDO on Youtube and really want to say" you are a good teacher". I learned many thing from your VDO. If I really want to take class with you but I have some question. such as ..
    1. If I want to know market and can make profit from Forex market every order that I press ,
    How many class that I should learn with you?
    2. and Do your class learn from record VDO or Live VDO?
    3. After finish class , if I have question , How can contact you?

  6. Hey, I've been watching these webinars a lot lately, I am 17 yo and I really like Forex trading, I went through BabyPips so I know the basics, but of course I know thats barely the basics so I want to ask, if I wanna buy your course, is the MPA enough to become profitable and the other courses would only build on that and benefit me even more? Or should I buy all of them in order to become profitable. Thanks

  7. each time I watch your videos my believe that in FX market the psychological aspects have a very high influence……your videos are the best, let us to haver our feet on land…tks.

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