1. Your music is great, could you please save great music in the end, when I opened this video, I thought, wait a second, is this a music channel or something else ? just a little bit confused.

  2. Hey fx220, hope you're well and happy new year.

    I wanted to ask about your wave count and how you go about counting it. Is it the same as the Elliot waves theory and what time frame do you use to count the market cycle?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. your R:R is 1:1 so your breakeven my friend. ahem…your stop loss versus take profit at start of trade.

    nice videos and strategy and sheat tho……. love it.. your the best

  4. Hi sir ,do you have a web ,ore do you have a group ,or course ,or maybe signals of your trade,because i want to start trading with 15000€ or 20.000€
    Thank you very much ,

  5. I could hardly hear the audio.
    I would prefer that the currency you are explain will be backgrounded at the center of the screen.
    Also screen should be a little more focused or zoomed bigger to understand more clearly.
    At the end of each currency discussion there must be big display of trade direction , stop/loss & take/profit

  6. Thank You for this and all your other videos mate. This is without a doubt best trading channel on Youtube. Excellent learning opportunities. I really appreciate the time and effort you are providing!

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