1. The best thing to do in technical analysis is to trade moving averages with the ASH STRATEGY that is one of the best things i have ever done since i became a trader.. guys you need to google it to get more heads up .

  2. which period moving average can i use for small point..like Alu Mini 0.50 paisa…crude 15-20points mini..please reply and help me anyone..i am new and small trader

  3. Thank you for a great video. My question is what are some of the most common balanced aporoach given the style of a trader. Day trading vs. Swing trading vs. Long term/short term trades?

  4. To save a lot of traders a lot of time, there's no magic bullet. There's no single indicator or set of indicators that will dramatically change your trading. You can use moving averages, oscillators, or phases of the moon as your entry signal. But you won't make a penny if you don't know how to work a position properly.

    Minimally profitable bots/quants/scripts use portfolio & risk management as a key component to retain gains.

  5. Well done. I really appreciate how you packaged these big concepts in such a simple way. I might do a Fibonacci style MA. But which type of MA would Be best with a Fibonacci approach? Also how far into the Fibonacci sequence should I go? Thanks 🙏

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