1. Wtf, don't trade in Range or zone, wait for market structure, if you're buying In supply game's over. That's why 99 lose, couse they are stupid, not because the banks are f… ING them. Banks = Market Structure. If you re buying while the market is making lower h, it's your fault🤗

  2. I doubt that all the banks are working together to dupe us. How do they make any money if all know the same thing. Everybody lose money at some time or another this genius person everyone talks about does not or has ever existed. These guys are just peddling loser programs!!!!

  3. That might mean that the volume is potentially causing the reaction of the banks!!! Thus not being on the favour of the technical analysis guys!!! So we do have to do our analysis but after that it is like flipping the coin with a good management ….as a total newbie I have to congratulate the inventor of this game!!!! Genious! Probably deserves the millions of bonus!!!!

  4. Maybe the best video on Forex I've seen. I'm assuming we are trading against algorithms and not people when trading something like XAU/USD. I can't find the Client Positioning charts at DailyFX that you referenced. I don't see the link that you stated would be below. Is it no longer active? I also typed in the address shown in the video: plus.dailyfx.com/fxcmideas/intraday-story.do and it takes me to a different page. Any ideas?

  5. logical accepted the video…of course the banks are manipulate.the point is you ll following what the banks will goinig to do …not the people…. lets go for a bank indicator…

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